Crosscut Packbike

Visiting : Circuit Road, Howitt Spur, Crosscut Saw, Mt Speculation
Distance : 54km
When : Wednesday 5th December, 6:30am @ Speculation Road

For quite a few years now I’ve had the idea of traversing from Mt Howitt to Mt Speculation along the Crosscut Saw in packbike style, with my disassembled bike on my back. I’d never tried it because I didn’t feel ready, not fit enough, didn’t know how to carry my bike, unsure of the terrain etc. etc. etc. Luckily I came to my senses, realised I’d never be “ready” and decided to just go do it. I planned a very conservative loop, gave myself plenty of time to complete it and then set off with every intention of being back home for dinner with the wife and kids.

It won’t surprise you to hear that I did not make it back in time for dinner with the wife and kids.

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Buller Howitt Recce

Visiting : Mt Buller, Circuit Road, Upper Howqua Campground, Howitt Spur
Distance : 63km
When : Sunday 28th October, 9:00am @ Mt Buller

The purpose of this ride was nosin’ around. The Mt Howitt area has fascinated me for years now and my ill-planned walk around Howitt and The Crosscut Saw a while back has only served to increase my interest in that high, windy range. I’ve often stared at the maps and thought about various loops and traverses but have yet to commit, partly because I don’t know what the trails are like in reality – there’s plenty of trip reports online which cover that area but I wanted to see for myself.

So, this was a recce mission to check out Howitt Spur basically. What does it look like on the ground? Would it go?

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Toolangi Gun Club

Visiting : Sylvia Creek Road, Hardy Creek Road, Mt Monda
Distance : 50km
When : Sunday 15th October 2017, 9:00am @ Toolangi

This was a slow-paced explore around some of the hidden places in Toolangi. Nothing too strenuous, no grand plan, just nosin’ around some places that weren’t marked on the maps but were clearly visible in satellite imagery. The kind of tracks that you might have ridden past before and thought, “Huh, wonder where that goes?” Well, this was the day to go and follow some of those tracks and answer that question.

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Royston Range Apocalypse

Visiting : Royston Range
Distance : 41km
When : Sunday 9th July 2017, 7:00am @ Rubicon Power Station

It had been a ridiculously good snow season this year (by Australian standards!) so I decided a snow ride was in order. After much online scouting, planning and weather watching, I decided on a full traverse of the Royston Range from north to south. I figured it would provide a good mix of rideable roads and snowy hike-a-bike given the elevation and the forecast weather conditions on the day.

I was wrong of course.

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Tanglefoot Secret Summit

Visiting : Mt Tanglefoot, Mt St Leonard
Distance : 22km
When : Saturday 24th June 2017, 6:00am @ Monda Road

I’ve often wondered what was at the top of Mt Tanglefoot in Toolangi State Forest. When I had a close look at the satellite imagery and saw that there was a mysterious clearing up there, I decided to go check it out. A lot of my planned route was on unnamed tracks that I wasn’t sure even existed any more, so I planned for a prohibitive amount of hike-a-bike and left my bike at home.

This one was all hike, no bike.

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Visiting : Cambarville, Mt Bullfight
Distance : 55km
When : Saturday 18th February 2017, 5:30am @ Cambarville Picnic Area

(Note: This is another solo ride from my backlog. Bear with me as I’m writing this well after the fact and my memory may be hazy.)

This was a nice little loop out of Cambarville, just behind Lake Mountain. Simple navigation, beautiful area and oh, just a bit of hike-a-bike.

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